Rosedramos Photography: Blog en-us (C)Rosedramos Photography [email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Rosedramos Photography: Blog 119 120 Sandra Rodrigues & Herve Miribiri Wedding June 21, 2018 | Sandra Rodriguez & Herve Miribi| Beach Wedding, Wyndham Grand Rio Mar. P.R.


Today this lovely couple united their lives on our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. Their family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, traveled from different parts to witness the most beautiful and romantic stories of love. Sandra with her spectacular wedding gown and Mr.Herve with an outfit of a real Prince said the great "I DO", with all the songs and sounds very characteristic of their native Africa. This ceremony was amazing, you can feel it in the atmosphere the joyful, happiness and overall the love. Here are several pictures of this beautiful afternoon, and soon I will put more! 





Venue: Wyndham Grand Rio Mar

Flowers and Deco: Patricia Lorraine Torres

Officiant: Ministros de Bodas PR

H/M: Charmed Eyes Photographer 


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Bride Elope Groom Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:17:35 GMT
Abimael + Fernando Botanical Garden Wedding Abimael de Jesus + Fernando Rivera 

Botanical GardenWedding UPR


Fernando and Abimael were married at The Botanic Garden of the University of P.R. with a beautiful reception at the building of Sila M. Calderon Foundations, in the heat of the metropolitan area of San Juan, P. R.  When Fernando and Abimael, I first spoke on the phone, I instantly felt like we would become friends.  There was something that just clicked. I was very impressed with them both because of the love that existed between this soul mates.



Their kindness and incredible charisma,  its something out of this world (lol).  I thought and felt in my heart that it would be a tremendous experience to be there.  You can just feel the love radiating between these two and their families when you're around them.  Their amazing Engagement photo session was so lovely,  but the wedding day at the Botanic Garden was simply perfect and I'm so thrilled that I was able to share it with them!


Ceremony Location: The national Botanical Garden UPR

Event Venue: Sila M Calderon Fondation

Officiant: Rev. Nixie Ramos 

Event Planner: HS EVENTS

Cake Designer: Piece A Cake by Glenda

Musicians: Saxofon by Anibal Colon and Sabor Latino by Adan Cañuela


Photography: Rosedramos Photography

Rosed Ramos, Edgar Ortiz, Mayoly Hernandez


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) photographer wedding Sun, 29 Apr 2018 04:36:28 GMT

In a Catholic parish of the downtown of Rio Grande, P. R. , a very beautiful wedding took place, that of Cilise and Christopher. 

An old (but renovated) parish with its authentic stained glass windows, high ceilings and beautiful paintings of blessed and saints was the most romantic place for them to unite their lives in holy matrimony.

Two families,  traveled from Trinidad Tobago and Toronto, Canada to be a witness the union of this lovely couples.The reception was held at Wyndham Grand Rio Mar, to the rhythm of the Soca (very popular music Trinidad Tobago) began what would be an unforgettable night.

Here you will see a potpourri of photos that speak for themselves!





Ceremony: Parish Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Rio Grande

Venue: Wyndham Rio Mar

Wedding Planner: Milly Centeno Events

Flowers and Decoration: Lorraine's Flowers

H&M: Brides by Tatiana

DJ: HighSetup

Transportation: First Class Destination Solutions

Photography: Rosedramos Photography  

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) caribbean destination photographer wedding Wed, 25 Apr 2018 06:53:33 GMT
Ana Maria + Rick Steven's Wedding ANA MARIA + RICK STEVEN'S WEDDING



With the chords of a violin and a warm breeze in the middle of winter on the shores of the beautiful beach, would take place the ceremony of Ana Maria and Rick Steven.

The beach was full of visitors since everyone expected to see the sunset on the coast of Clearwater. The reception was held at the beautiful property of Wyndham Grand Clearwater Resort, where family and friends enjoyed an intimate dinner with the newlyweds.

Attached you will see the photos that speak for themselves of the deep love and admiration that this couple have for eachother.


Catering Manager: Karina Policy

Coordinator: Carolina

Makeup Artist: The Eclectic Make-up Group

Flower Designer: Flowers by Voytek

Shoes: Viky Tcherassi

Violin: Lemay O James 

Venue: Wyndham Grand Clear Water

Photographer: Rosedramos Photography

Second Camera: Edgar Ortiz

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Tue, 24 Apr 2018 06:49:02 GMT
Antoinette and Carl's Destination Wedding Antoinette and Carl's

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort 

Destination Wedding

When I meet with a couple for the very first time, our goal was is to show them that we truly want to be more than just another vendor at their wedding. Our goal always tries to build a good relationship that will last beyond their wedding day.


A wedding like this one makes me truly love my job. When the couples brings as much passion for their love as I bring, it's always going to be a great match!


Here is sneak peek of this marvelous wedding  

Congratulations to Antoinette and Carl Jones! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

Bride & Groom: Antoinette & Carl Jones

Venue: La Concha Renaissance San Juan, Puerto Rico

Coordinator: Silversilke Event Planner

Flowers and Decor: Lorraine's Flowers

DJ: Fabian Kroselj

Cake: D'Light

Videographer: Brandon Fullfilmswedd

Makeup and Hair : TiffDailyBeat

Photographer: Rosedramos Photography

Second Camera: Noel del Pilar

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) destination photographer wedding Mon, 16 Apr 2018 09:48:42 GMT
Tasha & Andrew Destination Wedding JULY 7, 2017




Tasha and Andres were a such a dear couples for me to photograph. The day of their wedding was full of joy and love. Definitely, this summer was very rainy but that did not stop them from doing their ceremony at the seaside. This moment was shared with their family members and closest friend they traveled from different places to be present this romantic wedding and amazing beach wedding.


Wedding Coordinator: Charlotte de Jesus

Officiant: Pablo N. Aymat

Photographer: Rosed Ramos

Assistant: Luz Violeta Rodriguez 





[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) caribbean destination Sat, 23 Dec 2017 08:19:32 GMT
Rontriece & Terrance B. Waston Destination Wedding RONTRIECE AND TERRANCE B. WATSON, SR. TIE THE KNOT AND JUMP THE BROOM

A beautiful celebration. Rontriece and Terrance exchanged vows and rings in a lovely intimate beach ceremony, witnessed by family and friend. They were declared husband and wife...then they jumped the broom!


When: August 5, 2017 | Where: Wyndham Grand Rio Mar, Puerto Rico | Them: Intimate, Summer, Beach, Outdoor | Colors: Red, Green, White and Burgundy | Officiant: Pablo N. Aymat | Flowers: Lorraine's Flowers | Coordinator: Charlotte De Jesus | Music: Folusho Ogunfiditimi

Rontriece & Terrance, congratulation on the next chapter o your lives! We wish you a bright and sweet marriage!

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) beach caribbean orlando puerto rico wedding Sun, 06 Aug 2017 06:57:35 GMT
Kasey Kinder & Chris Hemenway Intimate Destination Wedding Kasey & Chris traveled from Texas, to unite their lives in this paradise that is between the Rainforest "El Yunque" and the Atlantic Ocean, just to the Northeast of the Island of Puerto Rico.

Here are some images that speak for themselves.







Kasey & Chris

Location: Puerto Rico

Number of Guests: 4

Wedding Ceremony Location: Wyndham Grand Beach Resort & Spa, Rio Mar

Wedding Coordinator: Charlotte de Jesus

Officiant: Aran Santana

Bouquet: INTIC

Photographer: Rosedramos Photography

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) beach destination intimate wed wedding Tue, 25 Jul 2017 03:49:40 GMT
Courtney Leaf & Keith Pollock Caribbean Wedding Today I'm absolutely delighted to show you the destination wedding of Courtney Leaf & Keith Pollock. 
I wish them many, many years of happiness together and all the best for their future.

Here are some lovely images from this amazing couples!

Venue: Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa
Coordinator: Charlotte De Jesus
Flowers: Intic
Music: HighSetup
Photographer: Rosedramos Photography


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) boho diy fl orlando puerto rico Mon, 17 Jul 2017 03:22:04 GMT
Brian Roberts & Ted Frost Destination Wedding Brian & Ted's marriage took place at the hidden paradise Wyndham Rio Mar.
Such a joyous high-spirited celebration full of love and friendship. It was a true love story, passionate and very spiritual. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your special day and of having the pleasure of documenting this amazing moment.

Grom's: Brian Roberts & Ted Frost
Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa
Coordinator's: Monique Perez and Charlotte De Jesus
Violinist: Ramon Emanuelli
Officiant: Sean Haire

Flowers: Lorraine's Flowers 
Photographen: Rosedramos Photography
Second Camera: Mayoly Hernandez

Assistant: Luz Luz Rodriguez 

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Destination wedding Sun, 09 Jul 2017 07:47:34 GMT
Alma Cristal & Manuel Aguilar Entre lluvia y algo de sol, se celebro en nuestra hermosa Catedral San Juan Bautista una ceremonia intima entre familiares y amigos que viajaron desde California a unir sus vidas en santo matrimonio en el Caribe. Muchas felicidades a esta joven pareja que mañana parten hacia Italia a comenzar su espectacular luna de miel! Alguito de lo que fue el gran dia en la vida Alma Cristal & Manuel Aguilar.

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Caribbean Destination Wedding Mon, 12 Jun 2017 01:58:37 GMT
Antonia Marriquin & Kimberly Grace Kimberly & Anthonia's wedding took place outdoors in a Oceano Terrace, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was hot with blue skies dotted with a few cloud, the day had finally come and its was prefect. The beautiful souls were going to exchange their deep love and commitment for each other in an intimate of close friends and family, who traveler from Boston for be a witness of such beautiful union. 
Congratulations to this amazing couples and many blessing in this new stage of their live!



Anthonia & Kimberly Grace 
Aida M. Mari-Roca
Coordinator: Marlene Babilonia and Magguie Maggie Castellano
Flowers & Deco: Impress by Marlene
Venue: Oceano Restaurant
Dj: Eric Rosario
Wedding Cake: D'Lights Cakes and Desserts 
Rosedramos Photography
Second Camera: Mayoly Hernandez
Assistant: Edgar Ortiz


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Caribbean Orlando Wedding Mon, 12 Jun 2017 01:52:58 GMT
Marjorie + David Tyk Destination Wedding Marjorie and Davis's Vintage wedding was a feast for the eyes. Eleganzza Events lead the styling, planning and floral effort and did an incredible job enhancing the already beautiful venue. Before the bride arrival David became a litter anxious as he waited for Marjorie, who would arrive dressed in a stunning  rushed tulle wedding dress. David expression was priceless, the love that they have is incredible, could be perceived in the atmosphere. Here is a sample of what was this beautiful wedding in a wonderful place, called Wyndham Gran, Puerto Rico


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Destination Puerto Rico Wedding Mon, 01 May 2017 03:47:05 GMT
Rebecca & Geoffrey Destination Wedding They decided that they wanted to get married at the beach and not even rain was going to stop that. Under the light rain, a beautiful ceremony was conducted. Congratulating this beautiful couple, we know that with every drop it signifies a blessing in this new stage of their lives.

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Do I Juan Orlando San Wedding Thu, 13 Apr 2017 05:16:57 GMT
Elizabeth + Ricardo Destination Wedding  

In the midst of my busy season I had a pleasure of working with Elizabeth & Ricardo on their special day! I'm so excited of their new chapter in life as husband and wife. They married at San Juan Water Beach Club, one of the greatest hotel of Puerto Rico, (the view from the terrance in the 11th floor are just spectacular). Here is some pics from their big day. Stay tune for more lovely photos of this amazing newlywed.

Venue: San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel
Coordinator: Kenia Colon
Officiant: Aran Santana
M&H: Makeup by Fabiana 
Assistant : Ed Ortiz
Photographer: Rosedramos Photography

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Caribbean Destination Digital Film I Orlando Wedding and do Sat, 01 Apr 2017 19:11:19 GMT
Erika Harris & Patrick McItosh Destination Wedding The Wyndham Grand Beach Resort is a hidden gem in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

A perfect venue to have a wedding at as it's surrounded by the amazing  rain forest,

heavenly light and front ocean view. 

Congratulations Ericka and Patrick, I'm truly honored that you chose us to document your very special day.



[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Juan Old San Wedding Mon, 13 Feb 2017 05:11:23 GMT
THEY SAID "I DO" IN THE PARADISE Stephanie and Winston tied the knot at Wyndham Rio Mar Beach & Resort, Puerto Rico. They vowed their love to each other at the  atrium of the hotel as their close family and friends looked on. What a romantic wedding it was!

After the ceremony we headed to the beach for some lovely photos…It was such a warm, pretty evening with pastel color sky.

What a special wedding that I am so honored to have been part of. Congratulations you two!

I wish you many wonderful years of love, fun and laughter together.

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Caribbean Destination Wedding Sun, 08 Jan 2017 06:27:11 GMT
Alison + Sam Destination Wedding Allison + Sam Hoke Destination Wedding | Wyndham Rio Mar, P.R.



They're stunning, but even more than that there are some of  the sweetest people I've ever work with! The wedding march was to the chords of a harp with guitar, the sea waves were part of the choir. Absolutely spectacular! Love for each other was so genuine that you can't help but to smile with them when you look through the photos! Allison and Sam got married at Wyndham Grand in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.


Allison and Sam are with their close friends and family  to part of their ceremony on the beach of the Wyndham Grand with an intimate reception near of the amazing gardens of the resort. I was absolutely blown away by this resort!

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) CaribbeanWedding Orlando PuertoRico SanJuan Wedding love Sat, 12 Nov 2016 08:05:59 GMT
Jamie + Jay Family Portrait Es muy emocionante ver las caritas de felicidad cuando hago las sesiones de mom to be. Hay una vibra de pura alegría y animosidad contagiosa. Muchas bendiciones para esta linda familia.



[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Family Juan Portrait San Vacation Vacations Fri, 30 Sep 2016 01:59:58 GMT
Erica + Eric Destination Wedding Congratulations to this beautiful couple who came to our island from a cruise ship and made a special stop, to unite their life in front of family and friends.
A true honor to be present at such a beautiful ceremony, a very close family, you could feel the love in the area. They were very determined to enjoy this daythat are sure be one unforgettable for everyone.

Erica + Eric Marconi Destination Wedding

The Ceremony was held at Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan, P. R. This is a fabulous property to make couples dreams come true.



Erica + Eric Marconi Destination Wedding

Venue: Caribe Hilton Puerto Rico

Wedding Coordinator: Jaenette Centeno, from SILVERSILKE Event Planner

Officiant: Arana Santana

Flowed: Lorraine's Flowers

Music: SBN Entertainment inc

Photographer: Rosedramos Photography



[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Caribbean Juan Orlando San Wedding Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:52:40 GMT
Sharka + Shawn Beach Wedding Sharka + Shawn 

Destination Wedding

Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa, Puerto Rico

I'm really enjoy small intimate wedding. Sharka and Shawn travel from Arlington, TX for celebrate their union at front of their family's and friends by the ocean. Sharks was a litter nervous about her walk own the sand isle, definitely look stunning in her wedding gown and long cathedral veil. Here is some images of their beautiful and unforgettable beach wedding.


Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE Sharka + Shawn = LOVE

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Thu, 18 Aug 2016 20:42:11 GMT
Tiffanie Castro & Salvador Quintero July 14, 2016

Wyndham Grand Hotel & Restort | Puerto Rico | Tiffanie + Salvador Wedding

​Tiffanie and Salvador had a classic, sweet, and full of detail outdoor wedding. They Created a lovely details at the reception, that made the day so much more special for their family and friends. I loved all the images we captured after the ceremony. The sunset at Wyndham Grand Resort was great backdrop for the couple romantic images. Overall great day with this amazing couple  Tiffanie and Salvador are a lovely couple, I'm more than honoured to be part of this special day.

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Bride Caribbean Destination Groom Juan Love Puerto Rico San Wedding Fri, 15 Jul 2016 05:15:57 GMT
Raquel and Larry Farris Wedding This wedding was so lovely from start to finish! Raquel and Larry travel from Wisconsin to San Juan, P. R. for make their wedding dream come true.

Both have the best personalities and are a pleasure to work with. Their friend and family are totally great and simply hilarious. We Started to day with getting ready session at the Ocean View Suite.

Then we headed to Lighthouse in San Felipe del Morro Fortress at the Old San Juan, where Raquel and Larry had their first look at each other.

The ceremony was held at the Ocean View place and the reception took a place at the main ballroom, Both at the Marriott Courtyard of Isla Verde. The weather was fantastic and this couples love shinned through!


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Caribbean Destination Puerto Rico Wedding Thu, 14 Jul 2016 02:55:54 GMT
Elizabeth + Arty Trash the Dress Finally today I could send them to Elizabeth and Arty, one of the most rewarding photographic sessions for me.

I love to see how fun the newlyweds after a busy schedule playing thrown away the stress.

I always mention this session to all couples who have it in consideration.

After so much tension over every detail of the wedding, there is nothing better than

running by the shoreline of the beach and jump into the water.

Ask them to these guys who played, jumped, threw themselves with water and ended his session with a romantic kiss.

jumped, threw themselves with water and ended his session with a romantic kiss.


[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Caribbean Fall Orlando Wedding in love pretty Sat, 25 Jun 2016 07:59:04 GMT
Sugely & Omar Hoy fue un dia lleno de risa, alegría y muchooooooo AMOR!
Esta sesión fotográfica fue una muy divertida ya que esto dos enamorados estan de manteles largos en su recién compromiso y su boda que sera muy pronto. Gracias Sugeily & Omar, por darnos la oportunidad de poder ser parte de su gran dia. Muchas felicidades y bendiciones de nuestro Creador. 
Love Story

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Thu, 23 Jun 2016 06:10:16 GMT
Hilda & Kelvin Wedding This past Sunday was held one of the most beautiful weddings we have in this year. The Courtyard Marriott, Isla Verde, P. R.  was be the venue where this great event would take place.
From the state of Louisiana, this beautiful couple being preparing the wedding of their dreams on this side of the world. In front of family and friends who traveled also to be present, the parade of the entourage was made.
The beautiful bride arrived with her spectacular wedding gown, escorted by her father, Mr. Cooper.
Mr. Kelvin Gipson was with all his entourage waiting for his princess, with a look of lots of love and emotion received at the altar who today is the queen of his heart, Hilda Cooper.

We thank Hilda & Kelvin, for trust on our work and give us the opportunity to be present on they big day!







[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Caribbean Destination Juan Puerto Rico San Wedding Thu, 23 Jun 2016 06:01:42 GMT
Heather & Anthony Destination Wedding 2016 Anthony & Heather's beautiful wedding at the Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar, Puerto Rico was pretty awesome! We love this couple and the time we got to spend with them their family.

Their day was all held close together with preparations taking place at the terrace and the reception at the ball room of the hotel. These are two people who are very much in love and are perfect for each other.

While the weather for the day wasn't perfect, we were able to do the photo outside, take a tour around and look for beautiful light on the beach and surrounding area and capture some beautiful night shot

Thank you guys so much, and congrants!

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Beach Destination Wedding wedding Sun, 05 Jun 2016 21:56:37 GMT
Summer Wedding Photography 2016  

This Special Orlando Wedding Package is Available for Summer Wedding Photography (Offered June through August) And Includes: 4 Hours Coverage *Flush album 8x8 with 20 sides / 10 pages *120 images artistically edited *Beautiful Flash drive *Release letter to print and share *Online private gallery for six month *All this for $1,050.00

[email protected] (Rosedramos Photography) Sun, 05 Jun 2016 20:58:09 GMT